Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recipe :: Radicchio, Pear, and Arugula Salad from Taffeta & Tulips

Well hello dear readers!  I have a very special surprise for you today.  A few weeks ago Kate from Taffeta & Tulips reached out to me to see if I would be interested in collaborating on a fall food post, and obviously I jumped at the opportunity.  We decided to create recipes based around one of our favorite autumn ingredients - pears.  I created a savory roasted pear and brie tartine and Kate made an absolutely gorgeous radicchio, pear, and arugula salad.  The photos clearly speak for themselves {YUM!} but I'll let Kate tell you more...

Hello Dreams in HD readers!  I'm Kate from Taffeta & Tulips and I was so flattered when Molly agreed to collaborate with me today!  I blog about fashion, food, decor and travel...with a sprinkling of my life as a mom of four littles mixed in.  There's never a dull moment in our busy home so when I'm not blogging, I'm chasing after my three spirited boys, spending quality time with my only daughter (who also takes all my fashion pics...I think she's pretty amazing) or trying to squeeze in a date night with my husband of thirteen years.  I reached out to Molly because she's simply a lovely person (she was one of my very first blogger friends) and I always feel inspired by her beautifully written and photographed posts relating to food, decor, art and fashion.  I'm super excited to meet up with my Molly in a few weeks when she's visiting New York.  Of course, we're going out to eat because isn't that what fellow "foodies" do??

Molly and I agreed on a pear post because we both enjoy seasonal foods and pears are a refreshing alternative to apples during this time of year.  I decided to whip up this radicchio, pear and arugula salad from Giada because I love the combination of the sweet pears coupled with the salty cheese and peppery arugula.  I tweeked the original recipe a bit...I omitted the walnuts, swapped out the parmesan for feta and instead of using the recommended dressing, I chose a lighter option.  Simply squeeze the juice from one or two lemons, add a 1/2 cup of olive oil, a dash of kosher salt and pepper and whisk it all together.  I usually wait to drizzle the dressing over the salad until right before I serve it to avoid wilting...personally, I prefer my salads cold and crisp!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Hooray for Friday!  The rain has finally subsided and given way to an absolutely gorgeous day and {what's supposed to be} an absolutely gorgeous weekend.  I'm at home visiting my mom today and tomorrow will be going to a friend's wedding back in Indianapolis.  We're also planning on hitting up the farmer's market, going to the pumpkin patch, and attending a spooky organ concert in an old church on Sunday night...{muahaha}.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and savor every last drop of autumn!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art :: Gray Malin Colors Your Dreams

Gray Malin does it again, this time with his fantastical "Dream" series.  The photographer explains, "Touched by a story I read about a Scottish sheep farmer, this series is born from the desire to inspire others to stand out from the crowd and foster a sense of individuality.  Traveling to rural Australia, I worked with a family of third generation farmers who professionally misted each sheep with a vegetable-based, rinse-able dye to give them a bright colored hue.  Through the transformation of these otherwise white creatures into a rainbow of color, I hope to spark an idea; that we are all individuals and should not be afraid to bare our true colors, dare to dream and shine for all to see.  20% of the proceeds from the series will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation to help inspire those who dream their ultimate dreams."  So inspirational! 

Images via Gray Malin

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interiors :: A Bright & Airy San Francisco Victorian Home

If you've noticed an exponential increase in the number of my interiors pins, it's because Ryan and I are just starting to think about buying a house.  While there's still a lot we need to figure out {all I know is we. must. have. an old house}, the idea of it has taken over my brain!  Now I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely love taking a peek into fabulous, luxurious homes {example: this stately New York townhouse}...but lately I've been drawn towards ones that seem more do-able for a first home :) I'm particularly drawn to Miriam Schneider's San Francisco Victorian with it's high ceilings, abundance of natural light, and unique combination of modern & traditional, feminine & masculine.  I love that it feels like a home {versus a showroom} and feels like normal people live there.  And how amazing is that outdoor space?  For more, check out the full Rue Magazine article here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Travel :: The Battery - Charleston, SC

Last week I blogged about the hotel we stayed at in Charleston {see post here}, but today I'm excited to share with you a few of the many, many photos I snapped of the stunning Charleston Battery.  The Battery stretches along the shore of Charleston and is littered with some of the most beautiful Antebellum homes you will ever lay eyes on.  Three story porches.  Ornate scroll-work.  French windows and doors.  Regal facades and {from what I saw through windows} even more regal interiors.  All with million dollar views of the water and surrounded by formal gardens, perfectly trimmed shrubs, and palm trees.  It's safe to say that I am absolutely head over heels with charming Charleston!